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Carte d`or Crème Brûlée - 1.35кg.

Код: 104020

CARTE D’OR Crème Brûlée. Traditional French dessert with elegant eggs and cream taste. Exceptionally easy and fast preparation. Just boil milk and cream. Burn brown sugar sprinkled on top or pour caramel syrup on top before serving, after cooling down the ready product as a perfect decoration.

  • Производитель: Unilever
  • Weight: 1.350 Kgs
Price: 29.08лв.
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1 pack is for 11,35L ready product

Ingredients: sugar(80,8%), corn starch, eggs powder(2,5%), gelling agent(karagenan), green peas starch, spices, flavour, maltodextrin.

Allergens: may contains traces of milk, wheat, soy , nuts.

Package: Box of 1350g  6/case

Producer: Unilever 

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