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Carte d'Or Pannacotta - 800g.

Код: 104036

Carte d’Or with the iconic Italian Pannacotta. That delicate white cream invented in Northern Italy more than 100 years ago today is favourite to all lovers of Italian pasticceria in the world. Panncotta is perfect decorated with grated coco-nuts, chocolate or coffee, fruits or different toppings.

  • Производитель: Unilever
  • Weight: 0.800 Kgs
Price: 20.26лв.
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Ingredients: dextrose, sugar, gelatin, hydrogenated vegetable fat, lactose, milk proteins, emulsifier(mono and di- glycerids of fatty acid) vanillin, thickener(sodium alginate), flavours.

Allergen: Contains gluten traces.

Package: Carton box of 800g.

Producer: Unilever

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Carte d'Or Pannacotta - 800g.

Carte d'Or Pannacotta - 800g.

Price: 20.26лв.